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this is kpix5 news on the cw. armed and very dangerous. police across california looking for a renegade excop on a murderous rampage. why catching him is proving to be so difficult. billing the boss for all those e-mails and calls you
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took after work. the lawsuit that could make employers pay up. and rain is back. we'll talk about how much rain has fallen and how long it will stick around. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. the l.a. cop on a killing spree is centered in the mountains east of los angeles. the weather could complicate an already very difficult and dangerous search. cbs reporter, edward lawrence, begins our coverage from l.a. edward. >> yeah, elizabeth, but the weather is helping at the moment. there's snow on the ground, so police confirm they found footprints in the snow there around the burned car. they did find, they say, is christopher dorner's car up in big bear. the sheriff department said they followed the footprints. they searched the area and have not found him. there's 125 police officers up there right now who are planning on working through the night in order to go door to
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door and also search the woods up near big bear. police are scouring the mown tans of big bear, california, hunting one of their own. >> certainly it could be anywhere at this point. >> former los angeles police officer and navy reservist is wanted for a shooting rampage that left three people dead, including a cop. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. it is extremely worry? and scary. >> dorner was fired from the force in 2008. in a document posted on his facebook page, he named 11 people targeted for revenge. the manifest says i will bring unconventional and warfare for those in l.a.p.d. uniform. you will now live the life of the prey. police say dorner began his rampage on sunday, killing monica and her phion fiance in
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a parked car. the faithful said, i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours. dorner's badge and id were found overnight. he tried to tie up an 80-year- old man, but failed. dorner is believed to have shot two police officers, wounding one, and 20 minutes later, shot a river side officer to death. this afternoon his car was found on fire in big bear. a witness said there were footprints leading away from the car. >> i can't tell you whether he is here or not, because i don't know. we're assuming he is still in the area. >> reporter: and theman the manifesto says he has a sniper rifle. he is prepared to die. the truck has been towed out of big bear and processed by investigators to try and see if there's any clues as to where dorner may be. reporting live in los angeles, back to you. >> we have that manifesto,
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shows he is methodical and has a plan for what he wants to do. any plan what may have set him off in the first place? >> reporter: that's the big question. a will the of people are speculating. the navy honorably discharged him on friday. they said he was an expert marksman and fired from the l.a.p.d. in 2008. clearly, the anger over the firing has festered over the years, which is the reason for the manifesto and the list of people. >> edward lawrence in downtown l.a., thank you. kpix5 reporter, sharon chin, continues our coverage tonight. sharon, as an excop, dorner knows the police playback back to front. how does that affect the search strategy? >> reporter: he is believed to be well armed and wearing body armor. his greatest weapon may be his police and military training. christopher dorner, an excop, navy man and markman declared war on police, a volatile combination, according to
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former fbi agent, who now heads the investigations in san francisco. >> already killed some people, so he's just not talking about it, he's taking action and he has the wherewithal, the experience and equipment to do something about it. >> san francisco police chief put all of his officers on notice. >> he knows what we do. he knows how we move. he knows how we train. he knows what we do and he's already said that he's not afraid to die. >> dorner speaks of his advantage in his online manifesto. he tells the l.a.p.d., the violence of action will be high. whatever plan you have, shelf it. i'm a walking circumstance with no off or reset button. and he warns officers outside of l.a., think before you attempt to intervene. you will not survive. >> this is pretty much a police officer's worst nightmare. >> so, how do police capture someone who knows their play book? they have two key advantages. their personal knowledge about
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dorner and sheer manpower. >> so their strategy is to think ahead of him a little bit and use all the resources law enforcement has. he is one person. >> smith says don't expect a peaceful ending. >> this guy is deranged and emotional. i don't think there's anything -- any argument you can make, any appeal to him other than turn himself in if he runs out of gas. he's going to be exhausted. >> dorner sent a package to anderson cooper. in it, a dvd, a note, and a coin. former l.a.p.d. chief said it's the kind of decorative coin he would have given. dorner asked that his brain be preserved to study the effects of severe depression. sharon chin, kpix5. another round of rain moving into the bay area right
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now. this is what it looked like in the city a couple hours ago. we'll get the latest from kpix5. >> much needed rain fall and some of you got up to an inch of rain over the last 24 hours. take a look at the radar. kpix5 high definition radar showing the heaviest rain in the south bay, leaving redwood city. go across the bridge, union city, fremont, we're seeing heavier showers there. this heading toward pleasantton. taking the cake right now, about a third of an inch of rain. palo alto, one tenth of an inch. so, we do have a little bit of snow to talk about. not much, but some. 3 to 5 inches of new snowfall through friday as the snow level drops down to 3,000 meet. for on our forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you for that. some 23 million people live in the path of the storm baring down on the north eastern united states tonight.
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power companies, road crews are getting ready for several feet of snow. nearly 3,000 flights in and out of the region's airports have already been canceled, including a couple dozen from sfo. many new england cities announced that schools will be closed tomorrow. this is the first major winter storm in 14 months. >> this year, we are half through the winter and we haven't used any of our snow budget. it is a tiny amount of money given the city's budget is about $65 billion a year. >> some of the people in the path of the storm are still dealing with the aftermath of hurricane sandy. we've all done it. taken calls or answered e-mails about work when we are off work. kpix5 reporter says now there's a legal move to make sure we get paid every time we do. >> a grown up of chicago police officers is doing something that worker bees across the country have only dreamed of. they are suing to get overtime
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pay for using their smart phones during off hours. >> mayor daily called my lawsuit silly when it was filed. the lawsuit is not silly. the lawsuit seeks to enforce the law. >> this man, chicago police sergeant, jeffrey allen, is at the center of the lawsuit. allen claims he was pressured by his bosses to answer work related calls and e-mails on his blackberry. a culture developed where police officers feel compelled to work for free in order to gain a promotion and or maintain their coveted assignment. >> if they have a half hour phone call outside work hours, that is something that needs to be paid for. >> but the facts, as detailed by the judge, show clear violation of the fair labor standards act. >> one of the country's leading experts on wage laws, he says if the cops win and it's upheld in appellant court, several companies could owe
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millions of dollars in ot back pay. >> it looks like there's a ton of uncompensated time for these police officers. the only question is, how much and what are going to be the damages? >> the case could allow the rest of the nation to catch up to california. our state has some of the most stringent hours about working on a phone in off hours. but he won't be billing his boss because they are friends. >> so you like your boss, that's why you aren't billing him for it? >> absolutely. if i didn't like my boss, i would be billing every minute. >> and so according to california state law, this can be considered work. writing e-mail at your home. and you can bill your boss for it. but, if it goes against your own company culture, well then you can be labeled as a person who is nickel and diming the company, so proceed with caution and talk to your lawyer. live in san jose, kpix5. and checking bay area headlines tonight, vallejo police looking for at least two
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gunmen who forced their way into a home and shot a woman and her two adult children. police say it appears to have started as a home invasion robbery at the house on the corner of mcdougle. but it's not clear that anything was taken. the mother was shot in the hip. her son shot in the face, and her daughter suffered a minor hand wound. police are searching for the imitating subject who slipped his handcuffs under his legs and stole a van. that van was recovered, but no sign of anthony sanchez. police were arresting him last night for a parole violation, but he will now face additional charges of auto theft and escape. and customs agents at the port of oakland found three cars being used to smuggle thousands of rounds of ammunition. 2300 rounds of ammo hidden in the air filters of the vehicles bound for mongolia.
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restoring the police department. that's what san jose mayor says is the top priority for the city. during tonight's state of the city address, mayor reid said the city needs more officers and added to the next two years. the money will come from savings on pensions that are now in place. >> the savings from pension reform, we can expand the police force by 200 more officers. we can do it and we will. >> reid says san jose's economic outlook is strong, the plans already put in place are saving the city $100 million a year to raise more money, reid is considering raising the sales tax by a quarter to a half percent. christening the new bay bridge in style. the pricey plan for the public celebration and the debate over how to pay for it. a heart stopper for drivers and adrenaline rush for riders. the new rules for motorcyclists
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and drivers. >> and a real microclimate for real estate. the small bay area neighborhoods seeing an explosion in sales prices. ,,,, [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot,
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even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. new bay bridge. we're now 207 days tonight the clock continues to tick down to the opening of the new bay bridge. we are 207 days away and the celebration to christen the eastern span is taking shape. bait bridge alliance says that the bash will be a spectacular one if they get the cash. >> if we don't raise the money to have a public ceremony from
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private sources, we won't have a celebration like this. it will be severely reduced from what we're planning. >> alliance is working fast to get $4 to $5 million in private funding to splurge on fireworks, the concert, and a half marathon on opening day. kpix5 is the official television station for the new bay bridge opening ceremony. you can head to for the latest on the celebration and stories about how it came to be. it never fails to make some drivers wince. the site of a motorcycle threading between cars on the freeway. it is called lane splitting. while it's not illegal in california, kpix5 reporter, joe vasquez, says there are new restrictions, joe. >> reporter: it's been raining and the streets are a bit slick. checking your road conditions is one of the new guidelines. when should a motorcycle do
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this? some say never. >> i mean, i see that they speed up between the cars. they hit the mirrors in some cases, but they keep going. >> it is called lane splitting. in thick traffic, motorcycles can still move forward by riding in the narrow gap between cars. >> if you are able to pick up 5 or 10 minutes on the ride to work. >> california is the only state where it is perfectly legal, but not everyone knows that, which may explain this youtube video. a car driver lurches in front of a vehicle and causes a crash. >> they are just doing it to disapprove of what you're doing. >> even though it's been legal for some time, the chp decided it's time to put out guidelines about how you can legally lane split and be safe at the same time. the guidelines say motorcycles
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should only lane split going up to 10 miles per hour faster than traffic. and even then, only when traffic is going less than 30 miles per hour. the guidelines also say motorcycles should never split between buses and rv's. >> i mean, that sounds like a better plan, but i doubt it. it says i'm supposed to go 65 on the freeway. >> what's really going to happen? >> same thing that have been happening. they'll keep splitting lanes and flying past us. realistically, that's what a bike is for, right? >> chp had a guideline for motorists not on bicycles. it could hurt somebody pretty bad. reporting live, joe vasquez, kpix5. even in the bay area's red hot housing market, it is a bit of a shocker. mike sugarman on the home in san francisco's mission district that went for a price even steeper than the famous hill it sits on.
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>> chris garcia lives in mission district. it's funny because every corner has a liquor store and a laundromat. >> it doesn't make any sense. it starts making sense. >> now something that actually doesn't fit in. a $10 million house. >> it's pretty astounding. >> insurance broker can't find another house for more than $3 million in the neighborhood. somebody really wanted this house. it could be quite a gamble. at clooney's, where old-timers have been drinking nearly 45 years. >> flabbergasted. >> from many indications this is the house in the liberty heights neighborhood on top of heart attack hill, it's so steep. unremarkable from the outside.
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built in 1928, 5500 square feet inside. it is being taken down to the studs and totally refurbished. 14 rooms, four bedrooms. that's steve sullivan's guests and everyone else's, too. >> we saw the bonds and that caused a downturn. but in recent years, this has been a totally different neighborhood. >> with the trendy restaurants and hip steers claiming territory here, along with the plumbing shops and homeless. >> it was more irish. it was working class, blue class, blue collar, and almost all of them are gone now. >> and none of them would believe a house sold for $10 million. the whole block might have brought that in back in the day. stan, kpix5. >> $10 million? >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> nice view.
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no thanks. wow. >> yeah, you have to ask, you probably shouldn't live there. here's what we have going on weather wise. we have some rain. we needed it and we have it right now. put in the time lapse. see all that heavy rain? san francisco south toward san mateo. i'll show you what is going on live and show you heavier showers. heading towards san jose. fremont and south, we are getting heavier showers. right now lifting off to the north and east. this is how much rain we have to make up. more than 5 inches in san francisco. nearly 3-inches in san jose and livermore. we're going to do more tonight. we have upper level low pressure moving in from the north. until this thing passes by, we can't say good-bye to the rain chances just yet. there's the upper low. a slight chance of a thunderstorm. but once that is gone, boy are
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we going to slow down. your morning commute tomorrow will likely be wet. after that, high pressure builds back in. it will stay off to our west, giving us a cool northerly flow. we will likely stay mainly dry for another seven to ten days after we fin issue the rain fall tonight. how much rain? another half of an inch. nearly a third of an inch for rain fall. slight thunderstorm risk tonight. rain is done by lunchtime tomorrow. it will be sunny, but mornings will be chilly. highs tomorrow, mid 50s. mountain view 54. 54 for danville. vallejo in the mid 50s. sunshine once we hit lunchtime tomorrow. once the sun comes back, it's not going anywhere.
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low 60s with dry weather next week. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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a suspect in a recent prank may be getting a swat of his own from his parents. l.a. police arrested a 12-year-old boy for calling 911 to report armed intruders inside ashton kutcher's home. it's one in a series of hoaxes aimed at celebrities. police not amused. the boy is due in court tomorrow to enter a plea on two felony counts of making a false threat. >> well, we know that joe flacco went to disney land after the super bowl. actually disney world. where did colin kaepernick go? >> to the tattoo parlor, of course. he added more ink to his chest to match his wildly tatted arm. the san jose arkansastist who did the work says it reflects inner strength, spiritual growth, and humility. speaking of humility, coming up in sports, a shot in hockey you have got to see and
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bill murray signing a head. pebble beach ahead. ,,,,,, this is speeding. this is in a rush. this is fast food. this is accelerating. and thisis happening too fast. this is the express lane. getting a ticket. and thisis the fast track.
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wa to impact play mother nature gave pebble beach for round one of the proam. rain was threatening to impact play. ask let's hit the clock. bill murray autograph? well, take it anywhere you can get it. meantime, chris, hey, i'm feeling you, man. happens to a lot of us. couldn't get out of the cat box. pebble beach defending champion couldn't buy a birdie put. finished 1 under 69, but he's in the hunt to catch hunter.
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the approach at 11 is butter. 6 under 66. he is tied with rustle for the lead. st. mary's, a friendly bounce. they beat santa clara 84-63. mike montgomery's bears trail by 16 against arizona state. 15 seconds to go. and allen loses the handle on the ball trying to score. 18 turnovers for the bears. upper left of your screen. john, wow, a little too close to the action. took a puck to the face. >> ouch. >> we'll talk about it at 11:00. >> that's a shot. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.

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